Stray™ Rye Whiskey

Stray Rye Whiskey

Our 95% rye recipe is a rare find for the discerning whiskey drinker. Every single bottle is poured from a single barrel, so there will be distinct flavor differences created. The first few barrels bottled, were 30 gallon Barrel Mill #3 char barrels. Since these are still a little young, with the youngest just over 3 years, they start with a slight herbal note on the nose blended with leather and butterscotch. The mouthfeel is buttery, and coats - starting off spicy with a minty burn, then transfers to a cherry and dark brown sugar as it runs off the tongue. You will notice this rye activates your salivary glands more than most due to the 95% rye, making it a great whiskey to pair with all sorts of food.

We have 2 Stray Rye versions currently, 88 proof and Cask Strength – both are bottled straight from the barrel (the 88 is obviously proofed first), so expect to see some sediment and char floating.

Stay tuned, the Stray family will soon be releasing an 88 proof bourbon and a Cask Strength Bourbon!